Common People

Because good things come to those who wait….

Lisa is proud as punch to be a contributor to Common People, an anthology of working -class memoirs from working-class writers and those who strongly identify with the genre in their work. Edited by Kit De Waal and published by Unbound, Common People postively celebrates wha51KQ45WYPoL._AC_US218_t it is to be working-class with camaraderie, pride and passion. Established authors Malorie Blackman, Damian Barr, Stuart Maconie and Lisa McInerney share their memories alongside an exciting and vital introduction to new writers making this anthology a true collaborative project.

An extract from Lisa’s contribution –

‘A Pear in a Tin of Peaches’

Imagine if you will: I am six years old. I have big blue eyes, the sort that tell my stories whether I like it or not. A blonde kiss-curl strokes the left of my forehead, and I am tall for my age, garrulous. Here I am talking to the apple trees in my back garden in Baddeley Green, Stoke-on-Trent. Cookers mainly. I call them Bonksik, Jumba and Jonty. I am telling them the story of the two girls. The one who has the posh pram and the other who pushes a tin cart with a wonky wheel that falls off and rolls into the pond.