Lisa to host workshop at Hanley Library

Hanley Library

Lisa will be hosting a creative writing workshop on Saturday June 4th at Hanley Library, a place that meant an awful lot to her as a little girl growing up in Baddeley Green. The workshop will be followed by a reading + Q&A from her debut novel Sitting Ducks.

Focusing on the subject of ‘Literature and Place’, the workshop is designed to get writers really thinking about why they choose the settings they do.

“Certain places, be it a city, a village, a room, or even a chair in a particular café; they can suddenly take on a whole new meaning when you really start to think about why you want to write about it,” she says. “I’ve drawn upon my childhood in the Potteries for much of my fiction over the past six years and yet I only truly lived there for just over a decade. I ask myself a lot why the city has had so much impact upon me, but it does. It just keeps on feeding me stories and that is so inspirational to a writer.”

As well as offering ideas on how to create an engaging sense of place in fiction, Lisa will be reading from her debut novel ‘Sitting Ducks’ which is set in the fictional Bennett Road but in the heart of a factual Stoke on Trent. She is thrilled to be able to do this in the library she frequented as a girl and speaks of being given an adult library card owing to the amount of books she used to take out. “I used to literally pour over the books before I made my choices,” she says. “And then having that stamp at the front to know when you had to read them by… I’d be there a week early every time!”

To book a place on Lisa’s workshop, call 01782 238455 or email