Short Fiction

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New short fiction for 2019:

The Voyagers, in The Simple Things, July 2019 

The Composer, in O Magazine, October 2019

Mr Briggs’s Next Door Neighbour, in Spake, (ed) Urzula Clark & Jonathan Davidson, Nine Arches Press, 2019


Extract from ‘Tink’, commissioned for The Textile Stories Study Day 2019: From the Cradle to the Grave:

The number 63 stops opposite St. Agatha’s. A damp day, dirty-skied. Two women, who could still pass for girls, get on. Not a likeness between them yet they’re twins, born twelve hours apart. One wears a crocheted wedding dress in the sort of pale blue wool that immediately makes you think baby boy. The other, a fine belted trouser-suit in the sort of white that’d require dental work. They look at each other as if they can’t believe what they’ve just done.

The driver watches them both walk down the aisle in his rear-view mirror. He sees lives get on and lives get off, and seen far stranger things than a girl in her wedding dress fleeing the church. So, he doesn’t bat an eyelid when her sister pulls out a pair of knitting needles from an embroidered bag. Always there. Always on hand.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had them on you?” Eve, in the wedding dress snaps. “I could’ve used them.”

She thinks of the peacock-feather on her mother’s hat and how she’d thrown it like a dart.

“Sit still,” Dawn shushes. “And let me find a loose thread.”

What’s their story? It is this.